Personal Portrait

About Me

My name is Tyler Hoeflicker and I’m a software engineer. I have worked in a variety of fields, which include backend services, full stack web development, mobile apps, desktop programs and 2D graphics.

I have years of experience working professionally with C# and .NET. I’m a big fan of both Go and Swift and I use them where I can in my own projects.

I live in the Los Angeles area, and enjoy exploring all the city has to offer. I’m an avid runner and hiker. Fitness is important to me, and when I’m not at work you can find me on a trail.

I have a dog named Wall-E. He is kind of weird, eats things he shouldn’t, loves traveling, and occasionally shows his underbite.

My Background

During the summer between my sophmore and junior years of college, I worked as a tower rigger replacing cell tower antennas. I learned I have a fear of heights past a certain point.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri, where I spent much of my time studying embedded systems.

My first job after I completed my undergraduate degree was writing high-throughput services and desktop programs for an e-commerce business. I also learned Pascal while working in this role.

After that, I transitioned to a new company developing PDF software. My first couple of years there were spent working on mobile apps, primarily for iOS. I’m currently serving on a team focused on improving our document drawing speed, and have been spending time examining rasterization and image processing algorithms.

I still fiddle with embedded development, and have collected a closet full of components and PCB’s I’ll probably never use.

Social Items

You can find me on Twitter and Github by my handle, TylerFlick. I’m also on LinkedIn.